2/24/2012 – The other, other, other comic book movie of the year.

The new Ghost Rider movie isn’t going to generate all that much conversation. It isn’t good, but it’s not really bad enough to be noteworthy. The first movie was only worth watching for a few interesting visuals (GR riding up and down that building was awesome, you can’t deny it), and this one’s no different. Except that Nic Cage’s acting is even worse and Ciarán Hinds proves he’s capable of turning in a shitty performance as well.

It is kinda weird how it tries to keep a general continuity with the last one while getting just about every specific detail wrong. Like the writer’s only familiarity with the first film came from a Wikipedia synopsis written in another language and run through Google Translate. So apparently instead of having a Penance Stare, Ghost Rider just sucks out bad guys’ souls now. Or he explodes them with his chain. And innocent blood no longer need be spilled, a bad guy is anyone who’s ever done anything wrong at any point in their life. Mephistopheles has changed his name to Roarke, and Johnny shows little to no interest in “controlling his curse” so he can use it against him.

Okay, I guess. Why wasn’t this just a reboot? Is this “New 52” version of Ghost Rider?


Quotable quotes from the world of comics:

“[Brett Ratner has] been on something of an apology tour trying to get back in the good graces of the gay community and the industry at large ever since. Meanwhile, an apology for X-Men: The Last Stand is still outstanding.”
Linda Ge, Bleeding Cool



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  1. Frodo-X

    Yeah, I didn’t like this one much. At least the first one had some fun to it. They knew that 90% of the character’s appeal was his look, and they went with it. And, on a personal note, I really liked how they did his voice.

    Then there’s this new one. The look is darker and shabbier, he acts like he’s having a fit half the time, and doesn’t speak except in a whisper. It’s like if they did a sequel to a Michael Bay movie and tried to do the same story minus the explosions and action. What’s left?

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