Spirit of vexation
February 24th, 2012

Spirit of vexation


  1. kaingerc

    haven’t seen this movie yet but I’m a little confused by the reviews.
    how can a movie be boring and over-the-top at the same time?

    also, the avengers movie will probably be decent, but if you really want a reason not to set your head on fire,

  2. ADHadh

    Oh, being boring and over the top at the same time is fairly easy. Just find a game or a movie that tries to sell itself on “controversy”, like the Postal series; “shocking” elements is all it has to offer and they get old quick.
    I got a bit of that from the new Conan movie. After the beginning the rest felt kinda monotonous, despite Momoa’s good acting (IMO).

  3. JelloKZ

    I quite enjoyed both Ghost Rider movies… though, the first was much better than the second… and I admit, they’re kind of guilty pleasures.

  4. Carl

    I think it comes down to pacing and it can go one of two ways. One is constantly throwing stuff at you without a break. We basically judge things on the differences. You need the calm to appreciate the storm. Next is when the calm parts are just so boring that by the time the action rolls along, you’re already out of the film. The over the top stuff becomes noise because you’re not into the characters and situations.

  5. Linda

    It’s nice to see Josh hasn’t changed at all.

  6. minespatch

    Oh… I wanted him to keep the beard, would’ve left a interesting change in his character.

  7. Sean

    I wanted to leave him a little porn ‘stache, but Brandon refused to draw it on ethical grounds.

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