Glory daze
February 28th, 2012

Glory daze


  1. Pablo

    image comics is doing what Dc should have done xD

  2. Linda

    So Marrissa is going to review Glory, Prophet and all of the other Rob Liefeld relaunches. I’m sitting here trying to think how Josh is going to react to them, and I just don’t know. Prophet, especially, looks amazing…but they’re Rob Liefeld comics. It’s probably best Josh didn’t review them, his head is close enough to exploding these days as it is.

  3. Linda

    As an aside: I have that same Dalek poster in my basement. It’s signed by the guy who played Winston Churchill. Love it!

  4. Frodo-X

    I bought that Dalek poster for a friend’s office…love it when there’s little easter eggs in the background like that.

  5. algeya

    everyone should have a dalek poster in the office/house

  6. Jake Lives

    Glad this is back and I like the little differences between Marissa now and Marissa 1997.

  7. Romanticide

    I am a Ross Campbell fangirl and I got to admit that I was really surprised he was picked for the title, even more surprised when they let her make Glory look superstrong and even more surprised when the comic turned out really, reallly, really good O.o

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