Adapt or die
March 2nd, 2012

Adapt or die


  1. Linda

    The 90’s X-Men cartoon must have made Josh weep.

  2. Bob

    Good lord, that cartoon was so bad. It wasn’t just the character/story deviations – as mentioned in the blog post, plot (and even some character) deviation is forgivable if it’s done well (see also: every good Marvel movie) – it was bad storytelling and crappy animation. I’d have sooner watched a series made from that one-shot where Wolverine was given an Australian accent.

    But on to happier things. Remender’s Venom has been a fucking blast post-Spider Island. The current “Venom goes to Hell and has a team-up in the process” storyline is the kind of adventure+pathos+fun that I started reading comics for in the first place.

  3. Bob

    Wait, Josh’s family had a flatscreen TV in the 90s? They were either a superhero family or members of the 1%. Either way: jealous.

  4. MrGBH

    Also, his remote control seems to be invisible.

  5. Brandon

    >>Wait, Josh’s family had a flatscreen TV in the 90s?

    Heh. Guess I’m too used to drawing flat-panels. Guess I could re-draw it as a CRT.

  6. Penguin

    @Brandon: redraw? Nah, anachronisms add character. It doesn’t hurt the people who don’t notice them, and they provide an extra chuckle for those that do.

  7. Linda

    No Prize answers: Either Josh is just recreating his teen revelation for Marissa right now, or the alcohol binge from Ghost Rider has damaged his memory and his flashback has booze-induced anachronisms in it.

  8. tigerkaya

    Never did liked the 90’s Spider-Man cartoon too much recycled scenes from previous ep. I thought Spectacular handled the symbiote stories much better.

  9. Icalasari

    …I liked the cartoon :<

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