3/6/2012 – What, no identical bomber jackets?

The thing about X-Men vs Avenyaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn not into it.

The latest Avengers trailer is enough to make me want to join a church, because it’s as close to proof that God exists as we’re ever likely to get.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, the tie-in toy line is as terrible as the trailer is amazing. I won’t go into detail and steal Shortpacked’s shtick (unless you want me to, then I’ll rob them blind without remorse), but it’s mostly repaints and a couple new figures with limited articulation.

The only notable thing about the toys is something I read on ComicBookMovie.com about the electronic talking figures. Check out what phrases Thor has to lay on us:

“Hulk, truly thou art the strongest!”
“Captain, I will follow you any day.”
“Hulk, truly your strength is unmatched!”
“Iron Man, you are a valued warrior.”
“My name is Thor!”

Jesus. Kiss ass much, Thor? Now I’m going to be disappointed if Thor isn’t constantly complimenting people…especially the Hulk, for some reason…in every one of his scenes. And introducing himself.

THOR: “My name is Thor!”
FURY: “Yes, I know, Thor.”
THOR: “Nick Fury, your head is magnificently round!”
FURY: “Yes, thank you.”


Quotable quotes from the world of comics:

Over the last few decades, the comics industry has done very well at selling more and more comics to fewer and fewer people, with a general trend of comics selling less, mitigated by a number of bumps along the line. The current policy seems to be exacerbating that, and short term gains may lead to long term losses. And that wonÕt be good for anyone.
Rich Johnston, Bleeding Cool




  1. Carl

    “And you know the surest way to go broke? Keep getting an increasing share of a shrinking market. Down the tubes. Slow but sure.” – Danny Devito in Other People’s Money. They chose the wrong industry in the movie, but the point’s valid.

    Of course when it comes to the big 2, publishing isn’t the primary concern, anymore. It’s about maintaining the trademarks for licensing purposes.

    Wasn’t X-Men vs. The Avengers done about 20 years ago?

  2. Bob

    “Wasn’t X-Men vs. The Avengers done about 20 years ago?”

    Yeah, something about the oft-delayed trial of Magneto. I remember it being pretty “blah,” but I also remember thinking Dazzler was really mega-hot, so perhaps it’s best not to trust my late-80s judgement.

    The Avengers Lego series looks very promising. I’m generally a Lego purist (Creator series 4 life!), but I gotta admit the Hulk figure is cool as hell.

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