Gimme a head with hair
March 9th, 2012

Gimme a head with hair


  1. MrGBH

    Inter-dimensional phones? Dang, you know those guys are rich when they can afford those.

  2. Nick

    Screw goblin formulas and adaptoidiness, that brillo pad has always Osborn’s true super power

  3. Kwame

    It’s all in the cornrows.

  4. Linda

    The difference between Marvel and DC (pre nuboot), in four panels.

  5. kaingerc

    wait, so the avengers aren’t really a menace?!
    but i thought the guy i saw wearing crazy goblin face paint and screaming incoherently on national television was so convincing.

  6. Carl

    I always liked that DC heroes were fairly popular and trusted. It made for a nice change from Marvel. I loved that Flash had his own museum

  7. Blah

    I flashed those bitches my Cornrows! Bitches Looove Cornrows 😀

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