3/16/2012 – Still not crazy after all these years.

This comic features a couple pet peeves of mine that pop up from time to time. One of them is super villains being kept in jail in their costumes, and the other (which doesn’t happen as often, but enough to be worth goofing on) is villains who don’t have any mental problems ending up in Arkham Asylum, usually in splash pages and group shots and the like. Penguin was the funnier one to use, but this more often happens to guys like Killer Croc and Clayface.

(Then again, depending on who’s writing Croc at the time, he might actually be insane. But characterization inconsistency is a whole ‘nother topic.)


Quotable quotes from the world of comics:

“That said, I seriously question the wisdom of using Lord Deathstrike in [X-Men #26] before Jason Aaron has even finished his first arc in Wolverine, and at a stage when he’s still being used in that book as an unstoppable newcomer.  Once Wolverine’s beaten him, then he can have a sword fight with Jubilee.”
Paul O’Brien, House to Astonish

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