Battle Royale with cheese
March 20th, 2012

Battle Royale with cheese


  1. Pablo

    oh my god. marisa´s face is all like ¨what the fuck did you just say about my mum!¨

    Hunger games looks really really bad

  2. ireactions

    A lovely script, great layout and expressions — but holy crap! Josh doesn’t even look like Josh anymore! I can understand changing his hairstyle and adding eyes, but why the heck has his hair gone dark?

    I get that designs get updated and move forward, but the Josh character in this comic now looks, at a glance, like an entirely different character from the man in this comic:

  3. Brandon

    That’s not Josh. It’s Rick, Marissa’s boyfriend.

  4. Linda

    Rick’s gained a little weight.

  5. ireactions

    Hunnnh. The last time I remember seeing Rick ( ), he had the goatee.

    Did he get a new look that I totally missed?

  6. MrGBH

    While I like Takeshi Kitano, I can’t watch Battle Royale. It just disturbs me.

    And it’s also the first thing I thought of when I saw the trailer for Hunger Games.

  7. Brandon

    Most of the main cast have or will have their looks tweaked. For Rick, I got rid of the goatee.
    I’ve always intended to make him a little on the heavier side. With my new style, it is a little more noticeable.

  8. Carl

    I’m not sure Lord of the Flies is a great comparison. It lacks the element that the kids are placed there purposely to compete against each other. Lord of the Flies was more of a leadership struggle between one side that wanted to remain civilized while another wanted to adopt barbarism. It was more about what type of society the kids would build. “The Running Man” would have been as good, if not better comparison but it lacks the youth theme.

  9. Sean

    I was thinking more that “Flies” was the first one to show that children free of restrictions (whether by circumstance or design) could easily become bloodthirsty.

    But I’m not that knowledgeable about any of these stories, so I’m not gonna stand by any of my interpretations too steadfastly. 🙂

  10. Darkblade

    That would be a point against comparing Lord of the Flies to either Hunger Games or Battle Royale. In both stories the children were forced to kill each other by the restrictions of the fascist government they find themselves under, characters in both express desire not to have to play by these rules.

    But yeah Hunger Games and Battle Royale are way too similar. Both of them have a lead with a shitty home life forced into the yearly child murder games. They then team up with another (mostly useless in the games) person in the games who it turns out had a crush on them for a long time before the games that the lead slowly begins to reciprocate. With the help of a former victor of the games they manage to play the game masters and both survive.

  11. Journ-O-LST-3

    So we’re not at “The Most Dangerous Game” yet?

  12. Romanticide

    “I guess we are going to watch Lord of the flies next” <– Marissa says it like it's a bad idea 🙁

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