Comic book children
April 3rd, 2012

Comic book children


  1. Michael

    Oh Lord, is that actual dialogue from that show?

  2. Declan

    The truth behind Josh’s statement is sobering and sad, and not the good kind of sobering……

  3. M'tt

    Excellent point. There are worse things than being seen as fat man-children.

  4. Schmakt

    Well said!

  5. Linda

    Josh must be hanging out in the CBR comments section.

  6. Iwritecomicsundermybed

    …..You know it’s a strange day when Josh is one of the voices of reason in the geek community.

  7. Penguin

    “Comic Book Men” isn’t a very good show. I really don’t have any interest in the segments involving the buying/selling of collectibles or the aggressively “odd” antics the gang gets into, but I do enjoy the scenes when it’s just a few guys sitting around about comics and nerd culture. Every comic book fan in the world has talked about what super powers they’d like, which heroines/villains they find sexy, and mulled over the mysteries of The Thing’s plumbing (heck, that last one was even a joke in Ultimate FF.) It’s silly, harmless stuff, and the guys on “Comic Book Men” – Kevin Smith especially – know how to make those discussions a little more interesting than the average fan could. What I think the show does well is demonstrate how the guys are having fun with immature kvetching, but they’re also guys with jobs and families, and that the immaturity in question is compartmentalized in a (generally) healthy manner.

  8. Looking In

    The show is genuinely entertaining, it’s a bunch of guys who love comics and who are close friends being followed around. Hard core people will hate the show on principle, reality-haters will hate the show for the format, and people who hate Kevin Smith will hate it just because he is involved even though he is only asking questions during the reflections on the week’s storyline that happens outside the store.

    I feel terrible though that I know exactly who is being portrayed in that Hulk joke…it’s exactly the kind of snide comment and observation that he would make just to get a rise out of the other guys.

  9. Romanticide

    And now I am just depresed, He is right, but still a less bad doesn’t make it good 🙁

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