4/8/2012 – 200 comics and counting.

You ever notice how 200th issues are rarely as exciting as 100th issues? It’s like, reaching a hundred issues is an event. Then you get to #199 and it’s like, “Oh, shit, already? We’d better do something special.” And then you have Spider-Man fight the burglar who killed Uncle Ben or a quickie Daredevil/Bullseye rematch.

Of course, that’s all apropos of nothing, as ours was quite good, I think.

I’d like to thank Brandon for 200 strips that looks so great they’re able to take people’s minds off the lame jokes, and I’d like to thank you readers for coming back and enjoying them week after week. (Sometimes twice a week) ((Something even once a month)) (((Just thanks for keeping us bookmarked)))

Coming up in the next hundred strips: more on Josh’s shameful secret, some big changes for Marissa, and just a wild guess, but we’ll probably make fun of X-Men vs Avengers and the New 52  a lot.


Quotable quotes from the world of comics:

“I bought about eight Avengers and New Avengers issues to wind up seeing a bunch of people in spandex touching a guy, and not only was it not exciting, but it wasn’t even graphic enough for me to come. But perhaps I’m sharing too much.”
Rob, Crisis On Infinite Midlives


  1. Penguin

    Congratulations, guys. Drinks (well, a drink) is on me if you ever make it to Chicago for a con.

  2. Pablo

    fuck yeah for the 200

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