Peace through doom
April 28th, 2012

Peace through doom


  1. tigerkaya

    wait, I thought she was about bringing peace. Or has that been forgotten?

  2. ringrust

    I thought she was all about Steve Trevor.

  3. Imitorar

    I guess the tying her up thing was out of continuity at the time. Or maybe Waid just decided to go with the more dynamic way of defeating her.

  4. Linda

    “The problem with Wonder Woman,” in three panels. Great job!

  5. beta ray steve

    “Peace through beating everyone senseless” may seem counter-intuitive, but if you have kids, it’s quite sensible.

  6. Morlock

    Its not that she just likes beating ass on ANYONE. she just hates supervillians as much as batman hates random punks with guns.

  7. Alex

    Luckily Tower of Babel is one more story that never happened, right? “Hey, you remember that time when…? “Not at this moment. Let me take two Crisis and I’ll get back to you in the morning.”

  8. MrGBH

    I thought her weakness in Tower of babel was her inability to back down from a fight if there was a possibility of winning?

  9. Timothy T

    Easy solution, revert back to amazons having a weak spot on the back of their skulls. 😛

  10. Morlock

    @MrGBH – it was actually he never backing down when evil threatens others. she’ll keep fighting until the fight is one or she dies trying.

    in the movie its just “she fights everyone and doesn’t think about why there are clones everywhere. also in tower of babel she wasn’t actually fighting, she was in a dream like state…no one was actually getting hurt.

  11. Thatguy

    Given that in Tower of Babel Flash was given seizures while GL was made blind, I really think that Waid crapped out when it came to WW. Create a special bullet that will hurt her through the bracelets (eh, say it’s a taser bullet or whatever), put it in an uzi with regular bullets and then commit a crime to draw her out. She defends herself, doesn’t know about the bullet and bam!

    Alot more creative than ‘fighting one’s self to death in VR’.

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