Avengers dissemble
May 9th, 2012

Avengers dissemble


  1. RaijinK

    The question is which of the two post-credits scenes caused that reaction.

    The second one, right?

  2. Animaniac

    That reaction would be the mid-credits scene. The after credits scene generally produced smiles and laughter.

  3. Gapalanaky

    I’m sure that was the reaction for a lot of fanboys out there!

  4. Brian Jacoby from Secret Headquarters Tallahassee, Florida

    It boggles my mind how many people will wait in line for 30 minutes or more to see one of the Marvel films, and then get up and leave the second the credits start rolling. I have actually shouted at them saying, “It’s not over yet, fools!”

    People left the theater I was in both times I saw Captain America when the screen went black after the crash. There was still 5 minutes of movie left, not including the after-the-credits scene!

    I pity those fools.

  5. Frodo-X

    First time I saw it, not too many left. Being opening day, it was a theatre full of hardcore fans.

    Sunday night, though…half left before the mid-credit scene, and by the end-credit scene there were only 6 other people still there.

  6. Bob

    I assume we’re safe talking about spoilers here, right? I mean, it’s a superhero movie that’s been open for a week, and this is a comic book site.

    Good, because Thanos is probably my third favorite villain of all time (“Sleeper’s” Miss Misery takes the second spot, and of course Victor von Doom reigns supreme.) I’d heard rumors and whisperings (“you can see the Infinity Gauntlet in “Thor”, etc) last summer, but “The Avengers” itself was such a good time that I’d forgotten all about them by the time the post-credits scene began. Then I went and had a total brain fart as I tried to figure out who was being spoken to… Skrulls? The Kree? Black Bolt?… would they make the Inhumans villains? Nah, probably Skrull— whoaaaaffffuuuuuu!!!

    My local comic book shop (shout out to Third Coast Comics in Chicago, woo!) booked a screen at a nearby theater for a midnight show opening night (in glorious non-3D.) So the entire room was filled with people who knew who Thanos is. As soon as he flashed that unmistakable grin (seriously, how perfect did that look? I dunno if it was CGI, an actor with prosthetics, or a combination of the two, but it was absolutely dead on), a very low murmur of near-disbelief ran through the theater. Then after about two seconds, one guy said “oh….. SHIT.” I’m usually kind of a no-talking nazi, but the way this guy said it was just perfect. He wasn’t trying to be cool or clever, he just couldn’t help saying his thoughts out loud. And of course he ended up saying what everyone else was thinking too.

  7. MrGBH

    Darn Americans getting that extra after-credits scene.
    Ah well, I got to see it more than a week before you guys, so I guess it all balances out.
    (Also, opening weekend revenue-wise, Avengers smashed everyone.)

  8. Sean

    They didn’t have the post-credit scenes in the UK? That sounds strange.

  9. Alex

    They got the first one, but not the one with the avengers eating together (no loss there).

  10. algeya

    neither in Mexico didnt get the avengers eating togeher scene

  11. Iwritecomicsundermybed

    I would have marked out if Black Bolt showed up. I’ll be honest, I did spend a majority of the movie looking for Easter eggs in the background. Kitty running through buildings and such.

  12. Dierna

    Only the U.S got the 2nd after credits scene in the diner because it was only filmed a couple weeks ago.

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