5/21/2012 – Judgment call.

Don’t get me wrong, I like (most of) Jason Aaron’s work, I really do. I don’t actually blame him for the book Josh is making fun of, and it’s not even impossible that I might enjoy it if I read it. But I’ll never know.

Because it’s called “Avengers Versus X-Men: Versus”.

And you just kinda have to draw the line somewhere, y’know?

It gets to a point sometimes where I just hear Sam Kinison’s voice in my head, talking about McDonald’s: “Hey, let’s see if they’ll eat shit on fuckin’ bread.”


Quotable quotes from @JoshCritic:

“Neal Adams says UXM #1 feels like it started in the middle of the story. But that was 50 YEARS AGO. We’ve gotten the beginning since then.”



  1. Pablo

    nop. you wouln´t have enjoyed. believe me.

  2. Bob

    I feel like this is a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” situation for Marvel, so they’re trying to do both. It’s resulting in backlash from both ends, but at the same time, at least they’re doing it in a way that leaves the central story alone. My only issue with the AvX:Versus book is that it’s a full-priced comic. If Marvel did the smart thing and offered it as a 99-cent peripheral to the main book, would anyone be complaining (well, probably… this is the internet after all.)

  3. Alegretto

    The thing is, these VS comics are made of short, 12 page stories written by rotating writers, not all by Aaron (though I guess he gets a say on who wins or something? I dunno). Anyways, the thing is, some of them are good, actually (like the Spidey vs Colossus one by Gillen). As Bob said before me, Marvel should just sell them as 12 issue stories for less money instead of as a full priced comic about fights.

  4. Alegretto

    *12 PAGE stories, 12 page stories. Not 12 issues.

    Dear god! Bendis! Don’t do it, you decompressing bastard you!

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