Top-flight or fight
May 21st, 2012

Top-flight or fight


  1. Pablo

    yeah i remember. i really like Aaron. but come on man!

    really. all this AvsX makes me remember Before Watchmen. such a wasted potential.
    because the last time we got the best writers in the industry working together in a yearly project we got fucking 52 (aka:one of the best comics of all times, well..after that we got cowntdown but now one remembers that)

  2. RaijinK

    Pretty shrewd of Josh to wait until they were just starting their game of Jenga to start ranting at them. Captive audience.

  3. Mike

    Last night, Rob Guillory tweeted that if you enjoyed the “Battleship” movie, then the “Jenga” movie was going to rock your world. This comic reminded me of that.

    Good work Sean, didn’t make that Aaron/Moore ironic connection until I read this.

  4. Imitorar

    I’m not sure why remembering what he reads makes Josh creepily obsessive. I mean, he is. But that’s hardly why.

  5. David

    Um… AvX Vs. is actually, you know, fun. It’s not trying to be heavy or deep or profound at all. When I read the first issue, I realized how long it had been since I’d actually read a new comic that was just light fun and how much I’d missed that.

    Also, Jason’s comments about Moore were not just about Moore being critical of the comics industry–it was because Moore was basically being insulting toward so many people whose work he hadn’t even read. I love Moore and I’m even one of those anti-Before Watchmen folks, but I thought that was a bit nasty.

  6. kaingerc

    @david there is a difference between dumb fun, and just putting two popular(ish) characters in a room and just have them punch each other while they’re yelling lame puns, plot and characterization be damned, repeat ad nauseum.

  7. Sean

    I definitely won’t argue that Moore swung pretty wide with his insults, slamming people who didn’t deserve it. (Just because he has good reason to be bitter doesn’t mean he’s not a totally bitter guy)

    A less insulting way of putting it would have been that Marvel and DC don’t know what to do with talent of any flight. And forget about AVX:V…just the regular AVX is a good example of that mindset.

  8. witriaker

    I remember the Aaron rant. Even if Moore was rude (wich he certainly was, but he certainly had a point), i think Aaron just get down to his level, wich seems to me that only damaged his arguments.
    On a different note, Is there a James Robinson´s Talent rebirth strip or something like that on the way? I mean, i remember the funeral for it (wich was totally deserved in any case, cry for justice was a sin), but now with The Shade mini and Earth 2 seems alright

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