May 27th, 2012



  1. Morlock

    GI Joe: Renegades… I miss you so much 🙁

  2. patrick

    I don’t understand why hasbro cancels thier tv shows when movies come out. They did the same thing with Transformers Animated/ROTF. Don’t you want kids to be able to watch a movie, than go home and watch a cartoon? It’s dumb

  3. Linda

    Love it!

  4. Bob

    Dead on, sirs. Nicely done.

  5. algeya

    someone is going to be fired

  6. Carl

    I presume they don’t want to split their toy production between the movie likenesses and the animated series. It’s cheaper to produce just one line.

  7. Carl

    Given a March release date, I wonder if they’re planning a Wrestlemania tie-in.

  8. Morlock

    @carl if they do they better damn well have Sgt. Slaughter in the movie. if not the world will not be able to contain my anger.

  9. Morlock

    and they’ve split toy lines before…i was in toys r us one time and i saw classic TF, TF animated, AND bayformers in the same isle. if you keep them distinct then there is no worry about confusion.

  10. Carl

    I don’t know if it’s about confusion as simple economics. It’s cheaper to have production facilities all producing a single line. Just because they found it to their benefit to have multiple lines in the past doesn’t mean today’s economic environment will support such a strategy. This is just speculation on my part

  11. Morlock

    a good point sir.

  12. Looking In

    Let’s be realistic, of the movies slotted to come out at that time GI Joe was the one that was going to make the least desirable of the movies to see.

    Why see GI Joe when the kids will want to see Madagascar 3, Brave, Ice Age 4 and the Adults will want to see Dark Knight Rises and Prometheus?!?!

    They could have slotted it for August against thinner competition but what’s the point? They missed their window of opertunity for the season.

  13. Idea Man

    Sooo, all we have to do then is get them to make a MLP movie?

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