May 31st, 2012



  1. ADHadh

    When will Josh learn that using playful/annoying banter is dangerous without spider senses?

  2. benfromcanada

    Why did they get offended by that when, like, 70% of Marvel’s heroes (including Avengers Iron Man, the Hulk and Hawkeye) are adopted.

  3. Morlock

    …iron man wasnt adopted

  4. Algeya


  5. Bruno

    there are sooo many portal quotes i could use right now…

  6. Linda

    Oh, Josh….this is where we see, in action, that the filter between your brain and your mouth is faulty.

  7. ticknart

    Josh flirts better than anyone!

  8. RaijinK

    I can see how adopted people could sympathize with Loki in general (Odin is a pretty crappy foster parent), but that one-off gag from the film doesn’t strike me as anything outrage-worthy. Not any more than, say, the entire story of Loki dating back to the 60s at any rate.

  9. Timothy

    Plus, like half of all myths are about evil adopted/step siblings. And the other half is about how finding out you’re adopted and your real parents are gods or something awesome.

  10. Thatguy

    I can see how it might irk, but during the entire movie Thor is reaching out to his brother, trying to both convince Loki that he loves him as a brother, and trying to lead him away from the destructive path he’s chosen.

    At no point in the movie does Thor ever stop caring for his brother, even after witnessing him commit murder and attempted murder. So yeah, I don’t see how it was anything more than a Joss joke.

  11. Rob

    Just be thankful that Hercules and the entire Greek mythology pantheon are not being used in this incarnation of the Avengers. Can you imagine how one off-hand in-breeding/incest joke would offend thousands Hillbillies and Tasmanians.

  12. MrGBH

    Yes, because there wasn’t an entire movie about Loki realising that he was adopted and trying to come to terms with the ramifications.

    Dear stupid people,
    Your stupidity is offensive to us non-stupid people.
    Please apologise for being stupid and remove yourselves from our presence.
    Yours deliberately offensively,
    Someone not stupid.

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