June 21st, 2012



  1. MrGBH

    Well, My Little Pony became really big by ignoring all previous incarnations and doing something really different. Maybe Micheal Bay’s hoping something like that will happen here?
    Only, y’know, while ignoring any of the reasons it worked for MLP and just doing the exact same things he always does.

  2. Alex

    Maybe it’ll work if they have less screen time for the turtles, more explosive scenes involving the military, and a lot of gratuitous ass shots of a young woman. It can be called “TEENAGE ASS* w/turtles”

  3. Lsauchelli

    To be fair, the turtles’ origins ARE alien. And they are alien in the sense that they are strange. Still, he never actually said that he was talking about Utroms, so.. SMH.

  4. TPRJones

    Teenage Warrior Alien Turtles

  5. Algeya

    Alex dont forget turtles genitals scene

  6. Tobias

    Turtles urinating on federal agents or baby turtles humping a young girl’s leg

  7. Linda

    I see Josh’s reviewing indy titles instead of mainstream comics has not really changed Comic Critics content that much. XD

  8. Bruno

    the thing is that everyone expects TMNT to be like the cartoon, while the comic that they were based on originally was NOTHING like the cartoon, for better or worse

  9. Carl

    If they’re aliens then they’re technically not turtles, either.

  10. Alex

    Sorry, Algeya. How could I forget?

  11. Dreadjaws

    Lsauchelli, Bay actually said the Turtles would be “aliens from another planet” or “from an alien planet”, or words to that effect. He clearly meant they were extraterrestrials. There’s no room for confusion here.

    Bruno, we don’t expect the TMNT to be like the original cartoon, after all, the new cartoon is much more similar to the comics and it was successful too. In fact, knowing Bay’s knack for making all the characters in his movies being comic relief, this film would actually go further away from the original comic than any cartoon.

    And I actually liked that the Turtles’ origin was unofficially tied to Daredevil’s. It was a fun touch that’s definitely going to be lost in this movie. Seriously, they have to get rid of Bay. I know I’m not going to see it as long as he’s attached to it.

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