Revising from the ashes
June 27th, 2012

Revising from the ashes


  1. tigerkaya

    Shut up Rachel. Can’t you see Nightwing is talking with the adults.

  2. Bob

    To be fair, Rachel was sorta Phoenix-lite. But then, Jean became Phoenix a second time around after Inferno and did fine for quite a while before things went south. But hey, the main AvX storyline’s been pretty solid so far, and even a few of the peripheral tie-ins have been fun.

    Still, maybe the CBR guys are right. Maybe Marvel is finally to the point where it needs a Crisis-level event to clean up its continuity.

  3. Declan

    Why is Nightwing waring a g-string?

  4. nicky

    Holy shit, i JUST noticed the Nightwing comparison, the fuck is wrong with me?

  5. David

    The continuity for this is so bad, it makes me weep.

    1) The Phoenix has only been “evil” once, and that was the first time with Jean, which was a botched experiment on its part.
    2) Rachel had the Phoenix for YEARS, where whenever it was actually *spoken* to directly, basically constantly apologized for F’ing up with the whole Jean thing, and saved the Earth and multiverse as a whole several times.
    3) Jean got the Phoenix again during Morrison’s run where it A) raised her and Wolvie from being burned alive in the heart of the sun and B) Kicked Xorn-eto’s ass.

  6. Guy Fails

    Rachel , if we don’t refer to things that happened 30 years ago like they happened now then people would think that time has lapsed between then and now. DO YOU REALLY WANT TO LOOK WHAT YOUR ACTUAL AGE IS!?

  7. Morlock




  8. Tobias

    Wait, when did the Avengers become experts on the Phoenix? This whole crossover is just an excuse to pit the two teams against each other, everything else (including the plot) is just padding.

  9. kaingerc

    the really bad thing about this event is that it’s slowly swallowing up good x-men comics.
    wolverine and the x-men(no more school, pointless fight between the avengers and the x-men)
    x-men legacy(pointless fight between rogue and ms. marvel\she-hulk\iron-man)
    x-men(pointless [not because of avx, i just wanted to point out that it’s pointless])

    hopefully they keep ‘x-factor’ and ‘uncanny x-force’ out of this

  10. tigerkaya

    You could probably play a drinking game of just how many pointless moments in this event.

  11. Bob

    Every line-wide crossover breeds pointless peripheral issues. It’s the rules of the game. Even “The Mutant Massacre” bled over into pages of goddamned “Power Pack.” Heck, Comic Critics did a great strip on it several years ago.

    I’ve enjoyed the core series so far, despite the selective memory/retconning of the previous Phoenix iterations.

  12. Notintheface

    Being Phoenix is now like mutant jury duty. Every mutant has to do it eventually.

  13. Rob

    I guess everyone is forgetting how much Rachel/Phoenix kicked arsed on the cosmic landscape, first during Brubakers Rise and Fall of the Shi’ar, the subsequent follow-up books and then finally in War of Kings by DnA. Whatever happened to her Shi’ar boyfriend, Korvus?

  14. John

    @Notintheface – It used to be a close tie between being Phoenix and Apocalypse’s Horseman, Death. This event has pushed Phoenix in to the lead though. We’ll have to wait for next year’s even to close the gap.

  15. Travis J

    So glad I forced myself to stop buying marvel comics. What a bunch of crap.

  16. Xander

    If this is what AvX is, I’ll be skipping the trades, too. And why is Cyclops dressed up as Nightwing there? (Or is he supposed to be Red Robin?)

    @TravisJ You’ve just given up on Marvel? You’re more optimistic than I.

  17. algeya

    poor ratchel I feel bad for her

  18. Jetstream

    What the… What happened to Cyclops’ uniform? Last time I saw him he was wearing the same mostly-blue getup he’s been wearing for nigh on a decade now.

  19. Brandon

    >>What the… What happened to Cyclops’ uniform?

    It’s a new costume from AvsX.

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