Spider-Man: Earth One
July 3rd, 2012

Spider-Man: Earth One


  1. MrGBH

    So are they outside Stan’s Place?

  2. Dave H

    So….you did like the new Spider-Man movie or you didn’t like it? I thoroughly enjoyed it especially due to the performances by Garfield and Stone.

  3. Linda

    Oh god, the hoodies….are hoodies the new shortcut to mean ‘hip and edgy?’

  4. Alex

    It’s not easy being a ‘comic purist’. Mainly due to the fact that comic characters are now being changed left and right. New movie comes out, a cartoon becomes popular, an editor decides to make a character ‘cool’ for a new generation. Outfit changes, different origins, characters made to look more like other media counterparts.

    At this point in my life, I just try to go with the flow.

    That said, the new movie was pretty decent. I wasn’t looking forward to it simply because I’m tired of seeing a hero’s origin for the umpteenth time (love how they did it with the Norton Hulk flick….. just a few minutes, then move on). Amazing Spider-Man was slow to start, but was a fairly solid movie, aside from some niticky things on my part.

  5. Dreadjaws

    I kinda liked it when I watched it, but I didn’t find it memorable. I’ve already forgotten most of it. It just didn’t have that special something that Raimi’s films had. And the comic, spot on.

  6. Bob

    In case anybody’s wondering how/why this movie was made, here’s a Tweet from a female friend of mine after a screening:
    “I like this arty emo Spider-man better than Tobey’s bizarre social oddity Spider-man. I do. Also, he gets more Hair Points.”

    Basically, it’s Spider-Man for people who don’t get what Spider-Man is all about.

  7. Alex

    Actually, it’s more a spider-man for the Twilight generation.

  8. Travis J

    That is just what I need, all my favorite fictional characters “twi-fied” so they can continue to be sold to a mindless non creative generation. J.F.C.

  9. Geri M

    I enjoyed the Amazing Spiderman much more than Raimi’s stuff for a few points: Spiderman quipping during fights (seriously, he can’t shut up in the comics – so they could’ve used more in there but it had more than Tobey’s fight scenes); and it looked like he was having fun with his powers (I haven’t actually read Spidey since the 80’s- early 90’s so I don’t know if he’s sad and emo in them all the time now – but I prefer a hero who likes having his powers).

    My daughter and I really liked Gwen Stacey much more than MJ (at least as portrayed in the movies) – the acting was much better in this movie than in the other series.

    And I like that they used the Lizard instead of rehashing the Green Goblin, although it looks like it’s heading that way in a future movie (that’s not a bad thing, it’s just nice to have a different villian – unlike Superman, where they keep dragging out Lex Luthor in EVERY movie -sigh).

  10. Nightwolf

    Except that it’s not, other than the hair, this was as Peter Parker as it gets. Garfield is a much better Spider-Man too, most of the changes made are trivial at best.

  11. Alex

    Like I said, it’s not easy being a comic purist. If the people in charge think they can get more money by changing things about comic characters to draw in more people, they’ll do it. After years and years of this going on, sometimes it’s hard to say if anything is even left of the character you used to love in any version of him.

    Spider-Man is a good example. This movie’s version of him might be all Twilight-o-fied, but hey, at least he’s not a character who has always stood for being about responsibility who then goes and makes a deal with the devil for an easy way out (when is reality it was an editorial call to, you got it, make him more popular).

  12. Keith

    The thing is, Garfield was a much better Peter than Tobey every was, because even though Peter was a nerd and a geek he was still funny and likable. Sure Garfield got angry and surly in the movies but hey, all teenagers do. And the conversations with Gwen made him out to be much more lovably awkward than Tobey’s creepy stalker Peter ever did. In fact I argue that Tobey’s Peter angsted more than Garfield’s did.

  13. Joe H

    Superman Earth One was an awful comic, not because of the hoodie, but because of a multitude of other reasons. Mainly it was because the speech that prompted Superman into action didn’t make a bit of sense at all.

  14. Snap

    The biggest problem with Earth One is that it was a universe *completely devoid of compassion*. A Superman story devoid of compassion isn’t a Superman story. Turning Lois Lane into wallpaper while giving a bunch of her traits to Jimmy Olsen realllly didn’t help matters. Nor did the speechifying, 2 dimensional villain.

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