Islands the mainstream
July 8th, 2012

Islands the mainstream


  1. Jay

    Miller? That’s an…odd choice, considering he’s possibly done more creator-owned work than corporate gigs. Maybe Johns would be a better name?

  2. tigerkaya

    Josh forgot to mention he could hear Miller monologuing as he was punched in the balls.

  3. Morlock

    frank miller needs a reason to punch you in the balls?

  4. Notintheface

    For some reason Miller kept repeating “whores,whores,whores…” as he punched Josh in the balls.

  5. kaingerc

    probably more like: “are you RETARDED or something, you read only GODDAMN superhero comics”

  6. algeya

    oh my…………

  7. joe

    Just wanted to say that Brandon did a great job with the caricatures in this strip. I’m very impressed. The first panel is lovely.

  8. Guy Fails

    “This strange little boy just told me that he read Strangers in Paradise, but his eyes told me everything I needed to know. He was allied with Al Queda and the rest of the Muslims and the Whores of the world. I told him that he was helping the enemy win and I punched him in groin. His face turned a beautiful shade of red as his eyes closed and he let off a shriek of melodic pain. My work done, I turn and walk away.

  9. Guy Fails

    Wait, not enough repetition. Not a Miller monologue.

  10. HeinousActsZX

    I just started reading Shortpacked, so I GOT that reference!
    Oh yeah!

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