Marvel HOW?
July 14th, 2012

Marvel HOW?


  1. Alex

    Ha. I wonder if Josh secretly just doesn’t want to trade back.

  2. kaingerc

    lol, when did reviewing dc and marvel became a game of “tag”

  3. Pablo

    can you blame him?
    read back to back
    King city, and AvX

  4. Linda

    I just started reading, and really enjoying/getting into ‘Journey Into Mystery.’ So, naturally it’s canceled and there’s some giant relaunch to eff everything up. This happens every time I start to really enjoy something Marvel publishes. They burned me with Agents of Atlas like four times.

  5. Sean

    Ah, Agents of Atlas. People thought I didn’t like the book because I kept joking about how it’d get canceled, but I didn’t dislike it. I just knows what I knows.

    As for JiM, that hasn’t been canceled yet, has it? Though Gillen is leaving, which is almost as bad.

  6. Frodo-X

    Actually, Gillen may not be leaving, either. It says he’s bidding farewell to the Asgardian cast. Could be that the title will be shifting into something else, still written by Gillen.

    And it does suck that it’s ending as it is, but it was always meant to be a finite story. I’m just glad they let Gillen tell it and didn’t axe it midstream.

  7. Linda

    It’s getting canceled as part of the MarvelNOW! initiative, but it looks like Kid Loki’s going to wind up on some sort of Young Avengers reboot. I’m tentatively hopeful! I’m also glad Daredevil isn’t getting relaunched, because that title is like water in the desert to me.

  8. John R. Ellis

    She’s even giving up Waid’s Daredevil? That seems to be kept more or less self-contained.

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