Outcast away
July 31st, 2012

Outcast away


  1. Linda

    Hah! Score one point for Marissa.

  2. benfromcanada

    I basically agree with Marisa. Wasn’t a real fan of the last movie, or the series as a whole, really. The first movie was a classic, to be sure, but the second was highly overrated (deserved maybe a 7 out of 10) and the latest was not all that good. Further thoughts can be found here: http://blip.tv/benfromcanada/why-batman-is-a-horrible-hero-6283676

  3. Jetstream

    You sure do spread that distaste you have for Batman far and wide don’cha Ben?

  4. MrGBH

    I disliked the first Nolan one, so I didn’t bother watching the second. The only reason I bothered watching the first was because part of it was shot down the road from me.

  5. Schmakt

    ugh. I had to google that line to get it… pretty clever there. 🙂
    I really really hated Batman Begins… Dark Knight was maybe a 5/10 but only b/c Ledger made a cool Joker. I fear I’m going to have to force myself to try and stay awake long enough to sit through this last one just so that I can understand anything that anyone talks about for the next 3 months. *tear*

  6. Carl

    Batman’s a character who’s portrayals have been across the whole spectrum, from Adam West to All Star Batman & Robin. My personal preference goes to the Neal Adams/Denny O’Neill version, which I feel struck a nice balance. It seems to be the version comic writers try to get back to once they realize they’ve made him too much of a jerk.

  7. algeya

    GET RID OF MARISSA, she is bad for the comic online site and always making fun of Josh

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