Adding insult to insult
August 4th, 2012

Adding insult to insult


  1. kaingerc

    does Marissa know how the internet works?

  2. Linda

    XD Troll harder, Marissa!

  3. Linda

    Hey, whose bedroom is this taking place in?

  4. Algeya

    Get rid of her

  5. Brandon Hanvey

    >>Hey, whose bedroom is this taking place in?

    It’s Jamal’s room. The posters (in this case sci-fi, coding, xkcd) and the bed color (green is Jamal’s, blue is Josh’s) are the things that differentiate the two rooms.

  6. MrGBH

    It seems to me that Marissa knows exactly how the internet works. Or more precisely, how advertisers think the internet works.

    And @Algeya: Josh and Marissa’s interactions are what make this comic. There are thousands of comics about two people complaining about comics/movies/games, but Marissa is unique among them all.

  7. Jetstream

    “Get rid of her”

    Marissa is the best character. I now exist only to counteract your viewpoint. Your move.

  8. Algeya

    No no I dont mean to remove her from the Comic , how can Josh tolerate her, she is poisoning his website, make fun of him in front of other people , Josh should fire her and replace her with a sexy geecky cosplayer that should give the site a lot of hits (the Josh site not Comic critics site)

  9. Dragonsong12

    “Josh should fire her and replace her with a sexy geecky cosplayer that should give the site a lot of hits ”

    I’ll only agree with that if said sexy cosplayer is a dude. Not because that’d interest me, but because you didn’t specify a gender and it’d be funny. (Also the “sexy cosplayer” idea was tired back when it first came out. Really? You got nothing better?)

  10. HeinousActsZX

    Look at that smile.
    She knows what she did.

  11. Brandon Hanvey

    >>>Josh should fire her and replace her

    What makes you think it’s Josh’s site? We’ve never said who owns it. It could be Marissa’s and she employs Josh.

  12. Animaniac

    Per the cast page, the site is Josh and Marissa’s (co-founders).
    Jamal is Josh’s roommate and is their IT guy.
    Marrissa had the authority to hire her boyfriend as the other staff reviewer.
    Does make me wonder how Jamal had the authority to enforce his idea of them switching places, as they were both against it.

  13. Sean Whitmore

    Comic Critics is actually an anarcho-syndicalist commune. They take it in turns to act as a sort of executive officer for the week, but all the decisions of that officer have to be ratified at a special biweekly meeting.

    I would have thought was obvious.

  14. Algeya

    Then its time to do an hostile take over, Super villain style to purge the site

  15. Dragonsong12

    The hate-on is too strong with this one.
    I’m thinking troll.

  16. benfromcanada

    What’s sad is that a) she’s absolutely right on most, if not all her criticisms and b) that’s exactly what would happen. It makes one almost support genocide.

  17. Animaniac

    +1 for the Holy Grail reference =)

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