Status: quo
August 22nd, 2012

Status: quo


  1. MrGBH

    So, does this imply that for all of their flaws, Superhero comics are easier to get into than Indy comics?

  2. Sean Whitmore

    Non-superhero books are easier to get into. Superhero fans are just less easy to convince. 🙂

  3. Pablo

    man, thanks to your comic im reading octopus pie. that shit is awesome

  4. algeya

    but Josh because of her mainstream job Meredith only updates OP one page each month not once everyweek,
    Also it seems there is no love for european comics and Manga at comic critics site (dragon ball review doesnt count because it ended almost two decades ago)

  5. Stevonicus

    Who doesn’t have an obsession with Octopus Pie and Meredith Gran?:P

  6. mnk

    @algeya: He just rereads the latest page four times each month!

  7. Sean Whitmore

    Hey, it takes a while to catch up!

  8. Linda

    “It was something that happened and now it’s over” describes my reaction to nearly every Marvel and DC ‘mega-crossover’ event for the last decade.

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