Anti-social media
September 25th, 2012

Anti-social media


  1. Mat

    Well alright then.

  2. comixchik

    Who still uses Facebook? It’s all Dreamwidth and Tumblr.

  3. Brian Jacoby from Secret Headquarters Tallahassee, Florida

    They’re not dolls!!!! They’re “Action Figures!”


  4. Ichya Paradise

    All the unwashed inter-web masses still use Facebook.

  5. tigerkaya

    I thought people use Facebook for games.

  6. Travis J

    Who knew Flash Thompson was his brother? Also, why do I find it unsurprising that this d-bag has a facebook account but no personal access to the internet? I know a few people that live like that.

  7. Mat

    So how long are we gonna have to read about everybody dealing with this meat head ? Im expecting Marissa to almost murder him and another meetup with Brian to fuel Jake’s stupidity.

  8. LookingIn

    Sean and Brandon, which one of the two of you has a brother like that? That kind of douchiness can only be written from experience 😉

  9. Matheus

    They’re really both equally unpleasant intheir own way.

  10. Sean Whitmore

    Jake’s not based on anyone in particular, merely an amalgamation of personalities I’ve known.

    (Including a bit of Josh, as Matheus so astutely notes)

  11. Eric

    First off, WOW, Geek Elitism! How refreshing!

    Secondly; What is the point of this character? I have to say, I started reading this a little bit before your hiatus, and I immediately fell in love. The characters are engaging, the stories and jokes are very entertaining, and the creators clearly have a love for the material. So, why do this? Including a homophobic, completely stereotypical jock character is so…odd for this world. I mean, if he’s just there to act as a foil and to create tension, there are existing characters that could do that and would probably do it more effectively. Is he here to provide a commentary that, even though comic book properties and fandom are more generally accepted, there is still a constituency of knuckle-dragging meat-heads who will bash comics and all nerdery on principle? Why? Why have that as an issue? The characters seem to be aware of how fringe their interests are as seen in several strips in the past. They don’t need the personification of the bully from the Charles Atlas ad to point it out to them. I’m sorry to go on for so long, I just don’t see what Jake’s purpose is besides being as annoying as possible and regurgitating all the same insults that have been hurled by “jocks” towards “nerds” for decades.

  12. Sean Whitmore

    I could either say “wait and see” or actually go into what the plans are…and I can’t do the latter. 🙂

  13. Mickee C

    I’m just saying right here, this character is obviously a jerk in sheep’s clothing. Not saying I’m not interested but still.

    Also, can Marissa mention a Garth Ennis comic for once? I would actually like to see her take on some of his work.

  14. Mickee C

    Okay I know double posting is wrong but seriously, what the hell is he doing with his hands in the first panel? Who does that? Its just odd.

  15. Brandon Hanvey

    >>Okay I know double posting is wrong but seriously, what the hell is he doing with his hands in the first panel? Who does that? Its just odd.

    I was going for a “sup bro” hand gesture.

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