One man’s geek is another man’s nerd
October 3rd, 2012

One man’s geek is another man’s nerd


  1. Animaniac

    Fantasy Football is Dungeons and Dragons for the kids who used to make fun of the kids who played Dungeons and Dragons
    — -Keith Alberstadt

  2. Gapalanaky

    Damn straight! Anyone who can rattle off a stat from ANY sport in 1939 is no better than someone who can tell you the first appearance of, say, Dazzler.

  3. Brian Jacoby from Secret Headquarters Tallahassee, Florida

    I say it all the time. EVERYONE is a nerd about SOMETHING.

  4. Bob

    ^ What they said. I always found it odd that I’d defend my fantasy baseball team against my fellow Warcraft raiders and vice versa, despite the fact that I used almost identical skill sets to organize both.

    Also, both require excessive amounts of alcohol.

  5. algeya

    there is a big difference: there is a big chance that he is coaching the football players of tomorrow,
    Josh on the other hand only discuss and critics comics and not training the comicbook artists of tomorrow,

    Probably his critics alreaady killed the will the young cartoonist out there

  6. algeya

    ps.- I must add that playing sports are a good tool to make friends, reading comics is a lonely activity besides your weeckly comicbook store visit (if it your store is still alive or havent changes to digital) and some conventions,

    meanwhile with sports you can play them with other people plus exercise is good, you can socialize in the sports bar, stadium etc,
    I dont blame society prefering sports over comics….. but still I prefer comics

    my apologies in advance if I overthinked the topic of this strip

  7. LJSLarsson

    Aw, that was sad (in a funny way).

  8. MrGBH

    I really want to argue against Algeya’s statement, but I really can’t be bothered. Geek stuff gives lots of opportunities for socialising. And the geeks of tomorrow will achieve far more than the footballers of tomorrow.

  9. Gapalanaky

    And also towrad algeya, doing fantasy sports doesn’t take any more effort than say, posting to an online comic strip. The “coaches” sit at their computers, look up stats, complain about how their franchises suck (much like geeks do with creators), and so forth.

  10. Travis

    There is a little obsessive fanboy in all of us. =)

  11. Algeya

    Mrgbh the chicharito Beggs to differ In my country (he is the hero of my country)

    Anyway at least from the rest of the world football soccer is great tool to make friends, it surpases countrys and lenguaje barriers,
    You only Need a ball to play and everyone is in the same level on the field ( no discrimination)

    Also in mexico it had a religious meaning in the aztec and maya empires since a couple of twins tricked and beaten the gods of the dead with a ball game

    Maybe it looks the same as an outsider point of view but they are not

    Josh should give his bro some Capitain tsubasa comics because its a great Comic about football and they could have some common ground and get along

    Again I apologize for my rant I dont like much football myself I understand the sports importace, Ive traveled around the world and Seen the love the people have for football maybe my experience means nothing for my fellow Comic lovers friends that speak english

  12. Travis

    @ Algeya
    You do know that the strip is referring to American football and not what we call “soccer” in this country. I like both, but many Americans despise soccer. I understand what you are trying to say, but I think your wrong. Comics can be just as strong of a socializing catalyst as sports. For some reason people who get into comics seem to be a little more socially awkward to me in my opinion. But to be clear, I have made just as many friends by reading comics as I have playing/watching sports.

  13. algeya

    thats Travis I wish I had comic lover friends years ago, anyeay then Josh instead of captain tsubasa he should give his bro eyeshirld 21 or marvels super NFL Pro to his brother and then everyone can be happy except Marissa that will hate those comics lol

  14. Adam

    You don’t see these as much anymore, but there used to be lots of combination baseball card / comic book shops. When I was a kid I collected both.

  15. Sean Whitmore

    The shop I used to work in sold baseball cards…for a while.

    Basketball cards lasted longer and sold a lot better, but they too eventually faded in popularity until all we sold were Magic cards.

  16. MrGBH

    Not even Yu-Gi-Oh?

  17. Sean Whitmore

    We never had Yu-Gi-Oh, but now that you mention it, there was a period where we sold Pokemon decks and they did pretty good for a while.

  18. HeinousActsZX

    I remember a Trekkie who said something along the lines of “Soccer fans have started wars over soccer, yet Trekkies are supposed to be the obsessed ones?

  19. LindaJean

    I’m going to be so not surprised when Jake turns out to be gay.

  20. Marc

    This is great. It hits very close to home. Except it was real football instead of the American variation… 😉

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