Military untelligence
October 13th, 2012

Military untelligence


  1. maarvarq

    Nobody else is dumb enough to want to take on the Hulk?

  2. Pablo

    thats a fucking good point.
    really funny stripe !

  3. Bob

    I love Ross’ expression in panel 4. He’s VERY satisfied with how the operation is progressing.

  4. Carl

    The really funny part is that the Hulk keeps telling these idiots to leave him alone, but they just keep hassling him.

  5. Matheus

    Good thing we got rid of THAT stupid status quo, huh?

  6. John R. Ellis

    I’ll miss Jeff Parker’s Red Hulk stories. They were good stuff.

    I’m uncertain about “Red She Hulk”…the first story didn’t grab me the way Parker’s hook for Rulk did.

  7. Animaniac


    Ross: “I love it when a plan comes together”

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