Hope in one hand
October 21st, 2012

Hope in one hand


  1. Algeya

    Did the cyclops was shirt were sold out?

  2. Algeya

    I mean the cyclops was wrong shirt
    ( stupid phone)

  3. Nightwolf

    Well, you could say Cyclops was right, but would it have worked out the same if the Avengers had not intervened? remember, it was a joint effort by Hope and Wanda via “destroying” the Phoenix Force that restarted the X-gene. Wanda would have never been allowed to get even slightly close to Hope if the whole mess had not happened, and Hope could have lost control of the Phoenix if she simply took it upon arrival without knowing what she was getting into.

    Also, while Cap was indeed prepared for the worse with the Helicarrier stocked full of Avengers, he first simply offered in a pretty calm and peaceful way to work together to know what to do with Hope and the Phoenix, and maybe by working together they would have figured out the trick to end the Phoenix and restart the mutant race, if not for Cyclops calling Cap a bigot out of nowhere and shooting first, literally.

    With his eyes.

  4. Algeya

    totally agree with Nightwolf, I was going to post a long rant but this blogger stole my imaginary words from my mouth http://slaymonstrobot.blogspot.mx/2012/10/no-cyclops-wasnt-right.html

  5. MrGBH

    Well, considering Cyclops actions the last time they met (During the Children’s Crusade) Cap had every right to mistrust Cyclops.

  6. Paul

    Here’s the thing. Cyclops is right up to a point.

    Remember the question wasn’t about whether or not the Phoenix was coming for Hope. This was accepted as fact by just about everyone. The question happens to be one of supervision/oversight because yes, she could re-power mutants (I guess I never really saw concrete evidence of this being a thing the Phoenix did but you know, gotta have faith) or she could have destroyed the planet when she left to go wherever the universe really needed her and destroyed Earth for snack (WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR THE BROCCOLI SKINS?!?!)

    Cap comes and asks for Hope to be watched and studied by the Avengers and their experts, most of which at this point are X-Men who’ve left Scott or people who have experience measuring power of that greater than that of the Phoenix ( grown up Franklin Richards and his Dad probably could have calmed this whole thing down really easily). Cap does not ask in the most polite way possible which is understandable since the world is on the line and Cyclops has recently taken a hand-in-hand gesture and thrown it into the sea and lied directly to Cap when asked if they had captured Quentin Quire while Cap was trying to work with them, but he also doesn’t say the X-Men can’t be part of the solution either.

    Didn’t Cyclops try the exact same thing essentially when Wanda showed back up?! Also, Cyclops seemed to take it really personally that Cap trusted someone he fought with in World War II more than someone who lied to him, tried to kidnap his teammate and almost girlfriend, and threw the medal he got the President to give him into the ocean.

    Again, Cyclops is right though. He has every right to be like, “Mutant solutions to mutant problems” as long as he doesn’t wind up like that other guy who said it, Bishop, and…hunting down Hope for his own purposes? Point is Cyclops says he’s got it and at that point he is in the right to say so.

    Cyclops probably maintains the moral high ground up until Namor goes off on Wakanda. The entire point of the conflict has been about Cyclops oversight of his people. Here, he shrugs off a known loose cannon under his flag when he says he wants to go to war. Cyclops essentially takes the attitude of, “Sure, Namor I’ll get back to you.” So under Cyclops’ supervision of (just a fraction of) the Phoenix, we see the most advanced nation on the planet be annihilated.

    That is where Cyclops’ failing is. His narrow vision(I know I’m approach bad pun territory there) and commitment to what was true, if convoluted.

  7. Frodo-X

    It’s hard to say if Cyclops was right, because as Nightwolf pointed out, Wanda likely wouldn’t have gotten involved had it gone as he planned.

    What we can say is that the Avengers were and continue to be wrong. Every step of the way they handled things badly, to the point that even now they’re imprisoning Scott for killing one man and are chasing Magneto who really didn’t do anything, yet will be letting Namor not only run free but still be part of the New Avengers (Illuminati) despite having killed hundreds of Wakandans.

  8. Algeya

    Er phoenix cyclops killed a lot of civilians with his phoenix tantrum in the last issue, all those volcanos and earthquakes he provoked killed thousands of average joes, didnt consequences told is that namor couldnt caught without making a lot fishmen invade the surface(like Dr. Doom latveria deal)

    Regarless of being wrong or right, there must be a trial for his actions

  9. kaingerc

    you can argue about cyclops being right or wrong(the fact that he was written completely out of character in the main avx books makes that argument impossible), what you can’t argue about is the Avengers being douchebags who made the situation much much worse!

  10. Nobody1898

    The phoenix force was coming regardless of what cyclops had planned and to say he throw the first punch sort of ignores the fact that the avengers showed up on his front porch with enough fire power to end what was left of the mutant race.

    The avengers don’t have the best history when it come to mutants, they seem to tolerate them but have essentaully ignored the major mutant issues, like the legacy virus, FoH, and M-Day.

    Cyclops had a plan to save his people and the avengers showed up with a monkey wrench and some gasoline. In all honesty, Cap is lucky that cyclops was right, image the fallout if the was no silverlining and the X gene didn’t re-emerge. The avengers would have been double respponsible for the genocide of the mutant race.

  11. Vic Sage

    I realize that I am in the minority, but I felt the portrayl of Cyclops in AvX was completely in tune with his douchy headstrong “only I know how to help mutants and only I care enough” portrayl since the 2008 relauch of X-Force. I thought that Cyclops had been heading towards a cliff for quite a while, but was too bull headed to listen to anyone about the impending doom.

  12. Tobias

    I’ve always liked that guys, probably cuz I have made those same rants…

  13. KaleRylan

    Here’s the thing, based on the information that either team had at the beginning of the event, Cyclops was right. The entire problem with AvX is that every piece of information that Cyclops was wrong about or the Avengers were right about was completely random, largely retconned stuff that came out of nowhere and neither team could have known at the beginning.

    The Wanda thing is bull-crap. The Avengers did not show up on Utopia and say, “well, we think Wanda is somehow linked to Hope and if they work together then they’ll reignite the mutants” because the Avengers didn’t know that. The avengers did not say, “a phoenix host needs Iron Fist training” because that had never been true (and in fact directly contradicts years of history) and the Avengers didn’t know that.

    So ONLY in hindsight can you even begin to say that the ‘Avengers were right,’ because they themselves didn’t know how linked they were to the phoenix (YAY RETCONS).

    AvX is the weirdest plot ever, because the X-men are operating off of years of established history while the Avengers are operating on nothing, but then the writers retcon the crap out of the Phoenix in order to make the Avengers right, but the previous history still happened because that’s what the X-men are operating off of. So the phoenix is now retconned, and not retconned, AT THE SAME TIME.

  14. tigerkaya

    Oh Grob, Gob, Glob, Grod! This is reminding me of the CBR forums with X-fans. As to this event it made me realize something, Avengers and X-men should never co-exist. More to the point The X-men mythos should be moved to a Earth 1 rebooted along with the Marvel U. Truthfully I have found the X-mythos to large for its own good operating at best alone with no contact of other Marvel characters. True their major story has involved some Marvel characters but what writer would really acknowledge their interaction with X-men. I find it works for the best and everyone wins. X-fans get the X-verse without the Marvel U interfering and the Marvel U gets to be its own thing without the the X-verse.

  15. Nobody1898

    Only if wolverine stays on the avengers side.

  16. tigerkaya

    Heck no. Wolverine’s entire existence has always been tied to that team. He’s supposed to be the man who hates everyone excluding the X-men (minus Cyclops at time). The X-men are his family were he should belong.

  17. Nobody1898

    his entire existence except when he is an avenger

  18. MrGBH

    Yes, Wolverine’s entire existence. Except that he originally didn’t have anything to do with the X-Men.

  19. tigerkaya

    Thanks for the edit. Your right his first appearance was in Hulk. But his development has been entirely been the X-men and his title.

  20. Alegretto

    Cyclops was wrong and has been wrong for a long, long time.

    He’s been wrong at least since he decided mutants should isolate themselves from the rest of humanity. And probably way before that too. The only thing he’s doing is escalating the conflict and proposing an extreme, fundamentalist view. He’s the main idiot behind preventing mutants from being anything more than mutants. For a while now, he’s been the primary factor in limiting mutants by declaring himself leader and deciding mutants are *define* by their mutantness. It’s bigoted and stupid, like the idea that mutants *must* survive. Why? M-Day wasn’t sentinels or purifiers or avengers murdering mutants, it was mutants fucking things up for mutants. Prominent leaders too, like Magneto and Quicksilver. All under Cyclops watch. And then, based *entirely* on fundamentalist, cult-like belief on a made-up prophecy he mostly invented himself, he *fought Captain America* in order to risk the life of the entire planet, humans and mutants alike, because, in his mind, mutants dying off because of their own incompetence, hubris, and ineptness at handling their own behaviour is inconceivable. Yet, humans… “well, screw them! they’re idiots so if they kill themselves we can’t help it and if they die because *I* did everything in my power to ensure what is most likely planetary genocide then… oh well, humans! am I right?”

    Cyclops is good at getting people to follow him, but very bad at leading them.

  21. Vic Sage

    I’m just asking for an update concerning the post-AvX situation of Emma Frost. I’ve seen Cyclops, Magneto, and Namor mentioned here, but what about Frost? (didn’t she instigate the Wakandian invasion?) I try to stay away from the X-books, since reading them seems to leave me stranded in a quagmire of continuity, so could someone give me a sit rep of her current status?

  22. algeya

    she is jail and angry with cyclops

  23. Agess

    …and without heels.

  24. Ed A.

    @Alegreto – that’s an outrageously selective interpretation of Cyclops’s character over the last six years. You claim there’s no justification for Utopia yet you even mention the renewed Sentinel program and the Purifiers. There’s also the whole Dark Reign thing too. Everything you said about mutant incompetence is equally applicable, if not more so, to the Avengers of the last five years.

    It’s clear you’ve not actually been reading UXM or the major X-events since M-Day. It’s also clear from your horrifically inaccurate understanding of M-Day that you never read House of M or Avengers: Disassembled.

  25. Vic Sage

    “…and without heels.”


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