Repressed-memory lane
November 7th, 2012

Repressed-memory lane


  1. Algeya

    Oh Josh dont hold grudges, if you throw stuff at Your bro at least dont Attack behind like a coward

  2. Hamdinger

    He didn’t, he hit his brother in they after all! hehe

  3. RaijinK

    I find it odd he’d refer to the Galactus toy as “a big purple man”. It suggests he doesn’t know who Galactus is, but he still knows he’s supposed to be big? From his perspective, it would be a little purple man. I guess maybe he recognizes that little man is slightly larger than the other little men Josh keeps around?

  4. RaijinK

    I just considered the possibility Sean’s script called for Josh to hurl an eight-foot tall Galactus statue and Brandon dialed it back.

  5. Algeya

    At least he didnt throw Thor’s hammer

  6. JakeLives!

    And here I thought using Galactus as a weapon was my schtick. Nice to find others have the same taste in awesome comic nerd weaponry.

    My favorite part is Marissa’s expression throughout. You’d think after being around Josh so long she’d expect this kind of thing to happen.

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