Sexual Harrisment
November 28th, 2012

Sexual Harrisment


  1. JelloKZ

    Is it just me, or does this seem a little “Josh-y” for Marissa? I always though Marissa was more… grounded than Josh. I mean, as I understand it, Josh is into Superhero comics while Marissa is into non-Superhero comics… I guess I just underestimated exactly how much Marissa rejects Superheroes.

    Another thing, I remember Marissa saying she disliked Grant Morrison’s writing in that comic where Josh said the Transformers comics were great because they reminded him of Morrison’s writing. But didn’t Marissa try to get Josh to read Joe the Barbarian a while ago? Was that just her attempt to find some common-ish ground with Josh, or has her opinion of Morrison simply changed since then?

  2. JelloKZ

    Hmm, then again, there was that time she punched him but then claimed she only imagined she did… I guess she does have kind of an insane streak, it’s just that I didn’t notice it as much. Perhaps because it doesn’t appear as often? I’m not sure. My second question still stands, though.

  3. Bob

    I always saw Josh and Marissa as more alike than either wanted to admit. It’s just different stuff that sets each one off. Like the time Josh made a point about spoilers by asking Marissa to imagine what it would be like to know about the end of Scott Pilgrim before the final book came out.

  4. Rhymer

    Good stuff. Why Harris, though. He certainly isn’t a sexist artist. But I probably don’t get the point.

  5. Animaniac

    Here’s why Tony Harris:

    He may be against drawing women in an openly sexist manner, but he certainly seems to espouse the sexist geek ‘fake nerd girl’ party line.

  6. Rhymer

    Oh, thanks. Now I get it. It’s a real pity TH has stated such a garbage, as I admire him a whole lot for his art. But artists just aren’t smarter than the rest of us …

  7. Sean Whitmore

    @JelloKZ Marissa does like Morrison, it’s just that she reeeeally doesn’t like X-Men, so she followed him to that book grudgingly. Like I’d start watching, say, Gossip Girl grudgingly if Quentin Tarantino started directing it. (Though with luck he’d bring an insane Michael Madsen in to thin down that cast a bit)

  8. dorkin

    @JelloKZ Who gives a fuck, they’re web comic characters.

  9. Kevin J. Maroney

    The answer to Marissa’s implicit question in the last panel: All of them, apparently.

  10. LindaJean

    I’m tempted to try this in real life.

  11. benfromcanada


  12. JakeLives!

    Until she took the mask off I had no idea Marissa was Batgirl. This changes everything.

  13. lead sharp

    @dorkin thank you! I was trying to figure out what was annoying me about this strip.

  14. Tobias

    I wanna go to whatever art school Ed Benes went to ;P

  15. Richie

    Why does it always have to come down to they’re cartoon characters? It’s kind of beside the point and dismissive, I would have rather seen a joke that made some point rather than just presenting populist rage at a quote.

  16. Sean Whitmore

    It’s not kind of dismissive, it’s absolutely dismissive.

  17. John R. Ellis

    I’m just glad the one character in the strip who regularly follows manga is no longer a bloated, enormous blob.

    (Can you tell I really didn’t like his redesign?)

  18. Matheus

    Who exactly’s the cartoon character? The one from the Direct to DVD movie?

  19. Richard

    I think it’s interesting that people who complain about women being objectified in comics defends their right to objectify themselves in the cons. Isn’t Marissa being a bit hypocritical dressing up as a T&A character then going to a booth pester an artist for doing T&A?

  20. Finn

    @Richard: Batgirl is not a T&A character.

  21. Nikolai

    So…..any new comics coming up? Perhaps this could make a nice segue to DC’s e-mail firing of Gail Simone?

  22. Sean Whitmore

    New comics are definitely coming, but it’s going to take us a little longer to get back on schedule. With luck, we’ll be able to return to regular updates after the holidays.

  23. Nikolai

    Great! Happy Holidays

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