Branding new day
December 20th, 2012

Branding new day


  1. dorkin

    I don’t get it … snacks help fight villains?

  2. joe

    I guess it’s an old folks reference at this point but, back in the day, comics were full of one page ads for Hostess featuring heroes… well, fighting villains with snacks I guess. If you google Hostess comic ads, you will find a slew of them.

  3. Alex

    My age, my age!

  4. LindaJean

    3/4s of a Marvel or DC superhero’s workload was solved with Hostess products. Whoever had the nefarious plot to shut them down had better watch out, because I’d hate to see what two universes filled with twinkie-starved villains would want to do to them.

  5. Timothy T.

    Surely stealing Hostess from the past will cause them to go bankrupt.

  6. MrGBH

    The Human Torch’s death wasn’t permanent? I am so surprised.

  7. Bob

    MrGBH, the surprise was how quickly they brought him back. Of course he was going to return eventually, but they may as well have put a revolving door on that Unopenable Portal of No Return that he “died” defending. If nothing else, however, it did give us a nice scene between Spidey and Franklin Richards, in which they discuss the importance of uncles in their lives. It’s from one or two issues after Johnny’s “death.” Definitely worth reading.

    Back on topic: I love those old Hostess ads for their general insanity. occasionally makes fun of them, adding adult language and the like, but even those can’t top the lunacy of villains being thwarted by their insatiable desire for processed cupcakes. Or this strip, in which Hulk literally murders a bunch of guys whose only crime is “being kind of annoying”, just so he and some kids can eat fruit pies in peace.

  8. Bob

    Oops, forgot to include the link

  9. Carl

    I feel there’s something sad about a comic fan too young to remember the Hostess ads. They were some of the weirdest, craziest things ever published.

  10. Algeya

    Are you guys still alive? Gutters comic is going to steal all your clients

  11. Brandon Hanvey

    We were taking a short hiatus.

    Though I recently got a new script from Sean. Hopefully we should have a new comic up next week.

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