January 30th, 2013



  1. Brian Jacoby from Secret Headquarters Tallahassee, Florida

    Oooh… meta-textual.

  2. LookingIn

    Curse you two for trying to earn a decent living, have friends, see loved ones and not-so-loved ones during this time of year! Heaven forbid you live a life outside this website!

    In all frankness complainers need to look at the dates on old strips and see that there were similar slowdowns in postings around this time in previous years. And there realyl wasn’t much going on in the comics world that couldn’t be put off until after the break.

  3. Michael Healy

    A little funnier after Groundhog Day

  4. Algeya

    Nice to See you back

  5. David

    I’ve been back several times since Ground Hog Day and still nothing.

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