18th time’s the charm

As much as I hate pushing Brandon’s gorgeous Cyclobama image further down the page, I figure I’ve had a long enough vacation from these blog posts that I stress over even though I know in my heart nobody could possibly care about them.

Our current strip can be taken several different ways, which is something we encourage. I like to think Comic Critics! never goes for the most obvious point of view (whether we do or not, who the hell knows, I just like to think we don’t). But for the most part, it came from a place of just really wanting to point out how insane DC has been lately. Like, dangerously insane. Like, if DC was a person it would need to be locked up in Creedmoor before it wandered naked into the middle of the  Macy’s Day Parade and started fucking the big Underdog balloon.

And I know what you’re thinking, “What do you mean ‘lately’?” But seriously, just look at their track record since the New 52 reboot, and you’d think DC actually stopped trying to run a legitimate comic book company and has been filming a This is Spinal Tap-like mockumentary for the past year. Solicited creators being kicked off books before they even came out, scores of creators quitting over editorial interference (some of them almost immediately), a very public series of accusations by Rob Liefeld, a heckuva lot of cancellations, the firing-and-immediate-rehiring of Gail Simone….

And then the triple-play that spawned this comic. Andy Diggle was hired to write Action Comics and quit before his first issue hit the stands. The very next day, it was reported that Josh Fialkov walked off both of his Green Lantern books. The very NEXT day, it was revealed why; DC wanted him to kill off John Stewart, a move which they would have needed more fan goodwill than they even had before the reboot to pull off successfully.  It’s like all the comic news sites suddenly turned into The Onion for a day.

I almost can’t wait to see what wacky thing happens next. Anyone care to take any action on this? I’ll lay odds that it’ll have something to do with Stephanie Brown again, like someone will erase her from a Greg Capullo flashback montage and replace her with a crudely drawn Bette Kane, causing Capullo to leave the book.


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