Masochism before pleasure
April 5th, 2013

Masochism before pleasure


  1. LookingIn

    It’s one thing to capitalize on a hot comodity, but more than three titles is taking it a bit too far…

  2. Brian Jacoby from Secret Headquarters Tallahassee, Florida

    And they all come out twice a month!

  3. Alex

    And that’s why it’s sad to be a comic fan so much of the time these days. They come up with more titles to read and we keep buying them beacuse they features characters near to us…. only to see them rewritten and retconned into things we barely know. Let’s not go into the annual mega crossover events.

    Maybe I should thank DC for making it so that I don’t buy their titles anymore. I have half the amount of pain to suffer through.

  4. Pablo

    why dont you just stop reading superhero comics except a few exceptions?
    like Hawkguy is pretty cool, deadpool and thor are great. daredevil is really solid.
    from Dc…. Wonder woman is FAAAIIN and batman even trought the finales are lacklusters the art of capullo is awesome.

    and just go and read other stuff. there are a millions great comics from image to DH to europe or argentina (fucking Enki bilal will blow your brain)

  5. JetstreamGW

    I’m actually getting ready to drop everything but my Archie and IDW titles, I think… Which upsets me more than I care to admit.

  6. Carl

    It’s been a long time (15 years) since I purchased monthly comics, partially because I realized this behavior was costing me a lot of money. It’s funny. When I started reading, I would get bummed that the New Teen Titans were never involved in crossovers, because the Baxter series was a year ahead of the standard format, so it was easier to not have them cross over since one set of readers wouldn’t be able to follow the story. Now I look at that as a blessing. Give each book a chance to establish their own corner of the universe without creating some false belief that a reader needs to by 5 titles in order to enjoy the one they really want.

  7. Carl

    Would it have killed Marisa to say, “It’s like Xavier’s School for Hired Killers.”? It did come first after all. It does sound like a cool idea by the way.

  8. swiftcr

    A comic critics that isn’t about liberal politics? huzzah! keep it up!

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