Green-eyed monster
May 31st, 2013

Green-eyed monster


  1. CHawke

    That’s a funny one!

  2. ADHadh

    That bothers me too. Why doesn’t he wear a mask? There’s probably enough out of costume screen time for the actor.

  3. kaingerc

    This is nothing like the show.
    Oliver in the show is not going to respond to a cry for help, he’s too busy planning his next murder in his little book of names.

    Anyway, I’m more interested to know how he keeps washing that paint off so fast every time.

  4. Brian Jacoby from Secret Headquarters Tallahassee, Florida

    “Anyway, I’m more interested to know how he keeps washing that paint off so fast every time.”

    Spray bleach.

  5. Maske Demascus

    The show was alright though the soap operaness is a bit over the top. XD Ive seen more characters come back to life in the first season of this show than any given year of comic books. ^^;

    @Kaingerc He actually finishes up his list by the end of the first season so its all up in the air what he will do next.

  6. Rokku

    Man if you think Arrow was over the top with its soap operaness you haven’t been exposed to the CW very much. I was pleasantly surprised at how LITTLE soap operaness the show had.

  7. Maske Demascus

    Having only caught Arrow via Hulu I confess to not having any exposure to CW. Though from what I saw of Arrow, it opens with a guy coming back to life, love triangles, affairs and goes on to have people coming back to life from things ranging from explosions to arrow through the head. XD Oh and a coma for traditions sake.
    Kinda drives home the soap opera nature of comic books.

  8. Timothy T.

    You know, the same criticism can be directed at most depictions of Batman.

  9. John R Ellis

    When John Barrowman comes off as the most restrained, controlled performer on a show, you -know- it’s gloriously overblown.

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