Infinite Hiatus
June 23rd, 2013

Infinite Hiatus


  1. J.G.


  2. Brian Jacoby from Secret Headquarters Tallahassee, Florida

    For a brief moment I was a little scared that this was an announcement that the comic would go on hiatus.

  3. Alex

    I’m still worried about it.

    And good job on this comic, guys. It’s pretty much exactly why I don’t consider myself a comic fan anymore. I still love the comic characters, I just can’t emotionally invest.

  4. Christian Hoffer

    Thanks for the shoutout, guys!

  5. Nathan

    Yeah, I wish this had included a blog post that said one way or the other if the comic was going on hiatus. As it stands it’s just unclear.

  6. Schmakt

    I wholly concur with Alex on both points.

  7. Brandon Hanvey

    @Brian Jacoby
    Sean should be posting about that soon.

  8. Nikolai


    Well, at least it’s the only the end of the beginning?

  9. Nikolai


    Well, at least it’s only the end of the beginning?

  10. Ichya Paradise

    You guys hit this spot on. Hope this does not mean the comic is going on hiatus but if you do, enjoy your time off.

  11. Comic Critics on Hiatus; Last Strip Makes Great Points About Burnout » Comics Worth Reading

    […] wondered, when I saw today’s Comic Critics strip, if it was intended as a meta-announcement. In it, Josh talks about how bored he’s become […]

  12. Vic Sage

    Thanks for the stories. Hope to see you guys in a year.

    And I really hope that some multi-universe genre-redefining terrible-story “event” doesn’t take place in either Marvel or DC that forces Josh to break his year hiatus just to post a video of him whacking his head against a wall…

  13. Bob

    I hope the fire gets relit soon, guys. I’ve appreciated your cautiously-optimistic-but-really-ultimately-defeated voice in the realm of superheroes for the last several years.

  14. Minstrelofmoria

    It’s been a year; any news?

  15. Brandon Hanvey

    Sean and I have talked about maybe doing some CC! stuff again. But there is no real schedule or set plans.

  16. sph683

    Great to hear. Been missing the snark.

  17. Bob

    With all the shit this year in both comics and film adaptations, we could’ve used Josh and Marissa…

  18. Dreadjaws

    Man, you were NOT kidding with the “Infinite hiatus” title.

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