Hiatus – 6/24/13

Sorry about that, everyone, I meant to have this blog post ready to coincide with the comic going up, but I ran into some internet problems. And then, kinda…fell asleep.

But no point in burying the lead any longer; Comic Critics is indeed going on hiatus. Right now we’re thinking something like a year, but it’s a “loose” year. Maybe a little less, maybe a little more, sorta depends how it goes.

You’ve no doubt noticed the comic has been updated less frequently in recent months. Just a result of real life getting in the way for both of us. And squeezing in the time to publish the twice-a-month we’ve been managing has sorta reduced the whole thing to a grind, leading to a bit of burnout. Long story short, it was tough to carve out time for the comic even when it was brand-new and we were super into it, and it’s just become that much tougher 5 years later. So we’re taking a step back, letting the creative batteries recharge a little, working on things with less of a time crunch in the meantime. The CC site will stay up for the archive, and we’ll also update the blog with any projects we find ourselves taking on. One of which may very well be a Comic Critics OGN we’ve been toying with for a while. (And feel free to yak at us on Twitter at either @ComicCritics or @SeanWhitmore…they’re kinda like the web comic, but with less text and no pictures)

For now, we just want to thank you all for reading, those of you who’ve been here from the beginning and those of you who discovered us somewhere along the way. And even those of you who didn’t discover us until after reading this! You’ve made everything worth it, because Brandon lives to entertain, and my soul is actually a black hole that feeds on adulation the way that Galactus feeds on worlds. Where even is Galactus, anyway? I haven’t seen him since…ah, never mind, I’m going off on a tangent.

One way or another, Comic Critics will be back, so we’ll see you then!



  1. Alex

    Daaawwwwww. Can’t enjoy comics anymore, now I can’t enjoy comics about comics.

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  3. Ronconauta

    Thank you guys for the ride,the snark and the fun! We’ll meet again at the end of the hiatus.

    And Sean, since you asked, if you want to know where Galactus is right now you can read Age of Ultron 10. The answer may surprise you. (Or not)

  4. Rhymer

    I hope you’ll be back. Your webcomic was the only one I’ve ever cared for. Very intelligent stuff that can’t be praised enough. Best to you guys!

  5. John R. Ellis

    I sort of expected this, ever since Generic Jerky Older Brother was introduced, then dropped without explanation.

    Restore and replenish those creative fires, guys. I’m sure the industry will have bigger and better things to mock in a year or so.

  6. Rocketboy1313

    I am sorry to read this. But I understand it.
    I came to this comic because of a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it reference by Linkara. Since that time I have flipped through the whole archive, like you do when you find something that really is worth reading. Good job funny man.

    Recently I have dropped off of reading comics so deeply that I feel like I don’t want to find my way back. Everything I like about it is hurt by the distribution, repackaging things in knots and twirls I do not wish to navigate. Continuity is the cord the industry seems committed to hanging themselves with. I would prefer a fresher take on things.

    I don’t know, I took a sleeping pill earlier so my ability to say what I need to say is not coming through. What I hoped to tell you before losing my mind is that your occasionally appearances work very well. Good luck on your mini-walkabout, I hope the lure of you characters draws you back fresh and clear.

  7. dorkin

    boo. but, whatever. good luck to ya, hope to see ya again soon.

  8. Alegretto


    Yours was actually one of my favorite webcomics, even with the irregular schedule. I hope this “loose year” is less than a year after all.

    See ya when you get here!

  9. Bob

    … Just checking

  10. Dreadjaws

    … Me too.

  11. tjh25388

    It has been over a year. Are you guys planning on coming back? Or are the creative winds taking you somewhere else?

  12. Ronconauta

    I miss your humor guys, especially because the actual mainstream comic book scene seems so humorless right now.

  13. Brandon Hanvey

    >>It has been over a year. Are you guys planning on coming back? Or are the creative winds taking you somewhere else?

    Sean and I have chatted here and there about new stuff (somewhat different story format). But mostly it’s on the back burner for now.

    I’ve got a couple of my own things going right now. One is still at the script editing stage. Plus I’ve did a little freelance illustration.

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