Josh Sands: One of the founders of, Josh is a diehard super hero fan clinging to the fading vestiges of that once mighty genre. He’s was pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Communications but gave up after a few years of college. Just to complete the sad cliché that is his life, Josh works in a small neighborhood comic shop.

Marissa Goldman: Another one of the site’s founders, Marissa’s interests lean towards independent comics, though she also enjoys poetry and classic literature. She’s works at a Booktopia, a trendy new book store/coffee house franchise that she hates. Marissa is also pursuing an undergraduate degree in American Lit.

Rick: Marissa’s boyfriend, as well as the latest addition to the Comic Critics staff. Rick’s specialty is manga, but his tastes range from mainstream superheroes to self-published comics. He’s a bit too mild-mannered to understand the rivalry between Marissa and Josh…but he’s smart enough to keep the hell out of their way when they go at it.

 Jamal: Little is known about the Comic Critics web designer. And what is known is…unsettling. He’s quite technologically adept, and prone to fits of maniacal rage and paranoia. His arch-enemies include balloons and cats.

Greg #1: Greg is a used car salesman trapped in the life of a comic shop owner. He wants all your money, and he’ll figure out a way to get it, by God. To Greg, the suggested retail price is just that; a suggestion. He owns and operates Comics Connection, the (very) small comic shop where Josh works.

Greg #2: Other Greg works at Comics Connection with Josh. Or more accurately, he works at Comics Connection while Josh sits around and yells at the customers. Greg is amused by Josh’s antics, without feeling the need to join in. He also hates the nickname Other Greg.

Joyce: Joyce is Marissa’s long-suffering best girlfriend. Friends since junior high, she is well accustomed to the moody lows and manic highs Marissa can reach. Joyce likes many of the same comics as Marissa, but can’t seem to work up the energy to share in her dislikes.

Brian: Without realizing it, Brian is Josh’s arch nemesis. He works at Booktopia with Marissa, and his taste in superhero comics run counter to Josh’s. This, combined with Brian’s unwavering good-natured demeanor, is a continuous source of frustration for our hero.