Sean Whitmore Writer

Sean Whitmore, creator of Fanboy Productions, is no stranger to making fun of comics and the people who love them. “It’s quite simple, really,” he’ll tell people without being asked. “Just a matter of taking my own deep-seated self-hatred–its flames fanned by a crappy apartment, L.A. traffic, and no girlfriend–and transferring it to others.”

His interests include writing, comedy, writing comedy, and speaking in the third person.

Brandon Hanvey • Artist

Brandon Hanvey is an artist in the San Francisco Bay Area. He graduated in 2001 with a B.A. in Industrial Arts from San Francisco State University.

Brandon started doing comics in 2002 with his diary comic called “The Little Things” which can be seen at In 2004 and 2005, he released two comic books starring “the stereos”. In 2006, he released a comic called “entanglement”. He also moderates the independents forum at ComicBookResources.

Some of his favorite things are: comics of all kinds, the rock band Weezer, skate board sneakers, and Dr. Pepper.