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2/21/2012 – Yeah, we’re still doing Rebirth jokes. So what? Screw you.

Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

Like Josh, I’ve never gotten around to reading Magneto: Testament, the mini series which gave Magneto his “no, honest, we really mean it this time!” real name. I’m sure it’s okay, but I’m also sure I don’t need 5 issues of young Magneto in a death camp to add to my appreciation of the character. So I didn’t learn about the whole “Max Eisenhardt” thing until a lot later. And when I did, I reacted the same way I would to any follow-up to a shitty 90s retcon (X-Men #72) of an earlier shitty 90s retcon (X-Men Unlimited #2): I ignored it.

To paraphrase the  barber from Coming to America: “The movies call him Erik, I’ma call him Erik.”

Speaking of, the writer of the X-Men: First Class sequel has stated that it will heavily focus on Michael Fassbender’s Magneto. This can only be seen as good news, as Fassbender was far and away the best part of the first movie. I know I’m a lot more interested in seeing his Brotherhood of Evil Mutants than more of Xavier’s “these are the guys we had left to play with” X-Men.

Quotable quotes from the world of comics:

“I kinda don’t want to say TOO much here, because one way [Adventure Time] is great is in how it establishes these relationships but lets the viewer fill in so many of the blanks, and I’m worried that whatever I say will come across as “I AM THE COMICS GOD AND I SAY NOW THAT WHATEVER YOU HAVE IMAGINED IN YOUR HEAD IS WRONG”.”
Ryan North, Dinosaur Comics (by way of a Comics Alliance interview)