3/9/2012 – I embrace my inner Marissa (but not in a dirty way).

Last time, we lauded Bendis’ popularity. This time, we goof on his horrendously drawn-out, ultra-boring Dark Avengers/HAMMER returns story line. Them crazy sumbitches at Comic Critics!, you never know what they’ll do next.

Not much to talk about this time. I’ve let my comic pulls stack up for a couple of weeks at my LCS, something that is becoming distressingly easier and easier to do. I’ve even cut my pull list substantially so I could start downloading more off of Comixology (as a MUCH needed space-saving attempt), but I often can’t even work up the energy to do that.

By far the best comic I’ve read in recent months has been Kate Beaton’s Hark! A Vagrant, a hardcover collection of her web comic of the same name. It’s a brilliantly funny collection that casts a much wider net than your average web comic, skewering all of American (and pre-American) history. It’s great to read a comic that actually teaches you things as it entertains. I haven’t been able to say that since Reed Richards taught me how far away the moon is from the Earth, many years ago.

For instance, did you know Jules Verne had a problem with fellow science fiction writer H.G. Wells? Me neither! Turns out Verne didn’t like how Wells would just make up outlandish technology for his stories (time machines, Martian spaceships, yadda yadda) instead of basing them in real-world science. Can you imagine the Twitter wars those two would have today?

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  1. Kwame

    Hark! A Vagrant is definitely one of my favorite comics/webcomics. I love how Kate occasionally tackles superhero comics in her strip as well, which are just as funny as her Historical ones.

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