6/21/2012 – In Europe, the name of this strip has to be “HT”.

Man, GI Joe, World War Z, AND Ninja Turtles all getting pushed back? How’s that Paramount stock looking, guys?

(No, seriously, I’m asking. Google is being extremely unhelpful in the matter)

Like with GI Joe, there are several variations of the story floating around. Some report that the script isn’t up to snuff, others report that it just needs to be made less expensive to shoot, and some even say the thing’s been shelved indefinitely. And the only thing all those stories have in common is I don’t care about any of them. Or the movie. Or even Michael Bay making them aliens. Don’t get me wrong, I still think it’s dumb (for the same reason as Josh), I just…don’t care.

And I like the Turtles, I guess I’m just…satisfied with the amount of Turtle material we’ve already gotten? It sounds weird, I know, but I think I am. I loved the first two movies, I loved the Fox cartoon, I loved the Archie comics, and I loved the original comics (well, mostly…they got weird after the creators left). I even liked that weirdly-plotted CGI movie from a few years ago. And while the 80s cartoon as a whole does not hold up well, the first season and a half was pretty good.

Maybe it’s just reboot fatigue. I’d be a lot less apathetic if I thought a movie might have the Turtles meeting guys like Leatherhead, Slash, Armaggon, Man-Ray, Metalhead, or Wingnut & Screwloose. Or fight in the Intergalactic Wrestling circuit. Or team up with Cerebus or Usagi Yojimbo…okay, now we’re entering pipe-dream territory. But for them to be meeting April O’Neil and the Shredder again? Hell, push it back to 2020, maybe then enough time will have passed to make me excited for it again.


Quotable quotes from @JoshCritic:

“Avengers vs X-Men #6: In which the fact that I’m not reading the Iron Fist tie-in stuff in New Avengers comes back to punish me.”




  1. Jetstream

    Viacom’s been holding roughly steady for the last few years in the 40-50 dollar range, and they own Paramount.

  2. Earl Rogers

    Despite the cartoon calling him that, the character isn’t actually named “Usagi Yojimbo”. It’s Miyamoto Usagi.

    Hi, I’m “that guy”! Pleased to meet you.

    But, yeah, if the TMNT film wasn’t going to be another origin story, it might be interesting.

  3. Sean

    I think the Fox cartoon actually used his real name. The 80s cartoon might have called him “Usagi”, but I barely even remember him showing up.

  4. Earl Rogers

    His name -is- Usagi. *g*

    It’s the “Yojimbo” part that’s part of the title of the book, but isn’t the name of the character. The MWS series erroneously referred to the character by his title. The 4-kids series did use the proper name.

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